About the babies (and their mums)

Baby Librarian Tilly reads with her mum, Jen

Tilly and Jen

Tilly was born in October 2017 and she has been reading ever since. The first books she ‘read’ didn’t have words and primarily consisted of lines and shapes. She has moved on to chewing books, throwing books, pulling books off shelves, and turning pages of books very quickly. She also likes grabbing at Mummy’s books when Mummy is silly enough to try and read around her. Tilly’s mum, Jen, discovered the world of baby and children’s books when Tilly was born. She spends a lot of her days reading board books (often the same ones over and over again) and is always on the lookout for new board books to introduce to Tilly. In a previous life, she completed a PhD about reading and public libraries. These days, when she’s not entertaining a baby, she writes for Book Riot and tries to read books that have more than 100 words and are not made of cardboard.

Marian eating a book with her mom Margaret

Marian and Margaret

Marian surprised her Mommy and Daddy by being born almost a full month early on December 1st, 2017. And she’s been reading every day since. Black and white board books were her favorites at first, but she also loved when Mommy made funny noises while reading to her. Mommy is very funny. Currently, like Tilly, she loves chewing on books. She’s pretty sure ingesting books helps you read faster. She also loves inspecting all of the books by pulling them off the shelves. Mommy taught her books are funny, so lots of times, Marian has a good chuckle to herself as she flips through the pages on her own. Maybe because the book is upside down? Marian’s mommy, Margaret, is an equally voracious consumer of books, though not quite as literally as Marian. Margaret has earned a Master of Arts in English and writes for Book Riot as well as works part time at a used bookstore, where she consumes even more books. She discovered her love for children’s literature in undergrad, where she took a couple of children’s literature courses. But having Marian has only increased the enjoyment.