Baby book review: A Christmas Carol by Jennifer Adams, illustrated by Alison Oliver

Baby librarian Marian reviews the BabyLit board book A Christmas Carol: A Colors Primer by Jennifer Adams, illustrated by Alison Oliver.

Marian reviews A Christmas Carol

Marian with A Christmas CarolMommy clearly doesn’t know what this book is about. She kept providing me with what she called “backstory,” but her backstory didn’t have anything to do with colors, and this book makes it pretty clear that it’s about colors. And finding things. Every left pages gives a color and an object and a picture of the object. Then on the right side, the object is hiding somewhere in the picture. It’s a search and find book! Mommy kept pointing to a little mouse on every page, but the book didn’t say we needed to find a mouse, so I ignored her.

Mommy plays the search and find game with me sometimes. She’ll hide her phone in her pocket or under some blankets, but I can always find it. I’m good at search and find.

Honestly, I didn’t finish this book because Mommy kept telling me about backstory, and it was boring so I left her to play. I recommend babies read it on their own, not with their Mommies. 

Margaret reviews A Christmas Carol

Cover of A Christmas Carol by Jennifer AdamsIt’s true: I can’t help but give some backstory to fill in the story gaps when Marian and I read the BabyLit books. She may be only one, but it’s never too early to get them started on the classics, right? 🙂

This is a fun little search and find for toddlers. Marian at one doesn’t have the understanding to find a “Black Hat” or “Gold Stars,” but at 2 or 3, this would make a great, interactive Christmas board book. And the little mouse to find on each page is a cute addition.

Just like in The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, the Ghost of Christmas Past is my favorite image, the happy Santa. 


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