Baby book review: Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen

Baby Librarian Tilly reviews Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen.

Baby Tilly reviews Alexander’s Outing

Another duck book! There’s lots of quacking in the pictures in this book. A mummy duck goes for a walk with her baby ducks and one of them falls in a hole! Lots of people try to rescue the baby duck, whose name is Alexander (I guess that’s why this book is called Alexander’s Outing). There is a little boy and a young couple and a policeman and a bunch of other people who all try and help. But can he be rescued! Will Alexander be reunited with his mummy and brothers and sisters?! This was a very good baby adventure/action book. Maybe one day my mummy and daddy will take me to where Alexander lives and went on his adventure.

Jen reviews Alexander’s Outing

Yep, another duck book. And another take on the song ‘Five Little Ducks’ — but in this case only one little duck goes missing and the whole story is about how to rescue him. The reason I love this book isn’t so much for the story or the characters, but the setting. The ducks live in Sydney, in where I assume is either the Royal Botanic Gardens or the Domain. Streets and monuments are named (Art Gallery Road, College Street, Hyde Park, the Archibald fountain, the iron gates), and the illustrations show the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. I haven’t seen many children’s books that use real places in such detail and with accuracy, and this appealed to me greatly as both a geographer and someone from Sydney. My love for this book is probably partly because I miss Sydney. It is also quite an adorable book, though.

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