Baby book review: A B See by Elizabeth Doyle

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the alphabet board book A B See by Elizabeth Doyle.

Tilly reviews A B See

This is a pretty good alphabet book. There are lots of things in the letters and it’s fun to point and name them. There are dogs and stars and the moon. I went through a phase where I really liked this book and I made Mummy read it ALL THE TIME. I’m over it now, though, and now when I do want to look at the book I don’t want to listen anymore, just look at the different things. It’s not really a very good listening book anyway. The words don’t rhyme and they don’t make sense.

Jen reviews A B See

This is one of my favourite alphabet books because it is so delightful and gorgeous. Each letter is made up of drawings of things that begin with that letter, and the text accompanying the artwork uses as many words beginning with that letter as possible while still making sense. Kind of. It’s not the best for reading aloud but it is a great ‘I spy’ kind of book. If you’re after a more unusual or beautifully designed alphabet book, I recommend this one.

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