Baby book review: Baby Loves Coding by Ruth Spiro’s review

This book has big words, like algorithms and computer. It’s another learning book without animals or mysteries, but there’s kind of a story: the story of how computers tell trains to do things. Or how programmers tell computers to tell trains to do things. The baby in this book is a bit of a show-off, though. She can take three steps ALL BY HERSELF without holding onto anything. If that’s not showing off I don’t know what is. I like this book because it makes me smart and I can pretend I’m learning how to code. My daddy knows how to code and that’s what he does all day. I like to help him code! The keyboard makes a fun clacking sound when I hit it. I’m very good at hitting the keyboard so I think I’ll be good at coding. I have a shirt that matches this book too.

Future coder shirtJen’s review

I love the ‘Baby Loves Science’ series, and Baby Loves Coding is a great one. These books go into a little more depth than the Baby University books (which are also great) in that these ones aren’t just ABCs but explain the concepts with a little more detail. The illustrations are cute and colourful, and I especially like that it’s a little baby girl learning how to code (Tilly’s ‘future coder’ shirt was found in the boys’ section. Psh. Girls can code too.)

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