Baby book review: Be Bold, Baby! Michelle Obama by Alison Oliver

Baby librarian Marian and her mommy Margaret review the decidedly bold board book Be Bold, Baby: Michelle Obama by Alison Oliver.

Marian’s review of Be Bold, Baby! Michelle Obama

Marian with Be Bold, Baby! Michelle Obama
Marian practicing her bold look.

This book is really awesome because I’m in it! Mommy says I’m not really in it, but that I share a name with Michelle Obama’s mommy, but I know I’m bold, I’m a baby, and the name Marian is in it, so all these put together means I’m in the book. Also, there’s a mirror at the end and I can see myself. Clearly, Mommy is wrong.

Here’s my (aka Marian Shields Robinson’s) quote on the “Be Inspired” page: “If it can be done you can do it.”

I definitely live by this quote. For example, I can take all the trash out of the trashcan, therefore I do take all the trash out of the trashcan. I can run everywhere in the library and make Mommy chase me, therefore I do so.

It’s a very neat philosophy.

Anyway, back to the book. I like all the bright pages, and that it’s easy to point to Michelle Obama on each page. Overall, it’s a neat book. And I’m happy every time I come to the last page and see myself in it. I’m a bold baby!

Margaret’s review of Be Bold, Baby! Michelle Obama

I love little board book biographies, and this is one of the better ones. I lot of them don’t give me enough as the reader to, well, read, with only a few words for the entire book about the person. But this one is good mix of being sparse with something to actually read and talk about. Each page gives a way of being bold in the world, from “Be Inspired” to “Be an Ally.” And spread throughout, there are quotes from Michelle Obama, and her mother on the first page. At the very end there’s a mirror and a longer biography of Michelle Obama. I wish every book ended with a mirror. Marian loves it when mirrors are at the end of books.

She definitely went through a phase where this was one of her favorite books. It was also, unfortunately, during her chewing phase, and this book has several chunks taken out of it, as well as teeth marks. Yum!

Alison Oliver also illustrates the popular BabyLit books, which we really should review sometime on the website!

In addition to the Michelle Obama biography, there’s also Be Bold, Baby: Oprah. We have not read that one yet.

Has anyone else read this one? Did it make you nostalgic for the Obama’s?

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