Baby book review: Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins, illustrated by Zachariah Ohora

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the cheerful picture book Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins and Zachariah Ohora.

Tilly reviews Bikes for Sale

This is a great book! There is water, and animals, and bikes! I like all of those things. I have a bike that I really like. It’s pink and it has three wheels but no pedals and Mummy sometimes tries to make me sit on it and use my legs to move it but I much prefer pushing it along like a trolley. Sometimes I push it so far away that I get bored and abandon it and then Daddy the Sherpa picks it up for me. This is all just to say that I like bikes. In this book Maurice has a bike and a lemonade stand, and Lotta has a bike and she collects sticks. And then they crashed into each other! Boom! And then they are friends. What a good book.

Jen reviews Bikes for Sale

This is a charming story about adventures, playing outside, imagination, and friendship. Maurice and Lotta both have bikes and their own enterprising endeavours, such as lemonade-stand-running and stick-collecting-fort-building. When they crash their bikes, they try to make their own adventures without their bikes, and soon discover that the unbroken parts of their bikes can be put together to make a new bike. And with their new tandem bike, they have even better adventures together. This book captures the kind of childhood I would like Tilly to have: one with a lot of outside play, free time, imagination, creativity, and friendship. My favourite part of the book is the end pages: a great map of Maurice and Lotta’s world. The map, and the illustrations, are bright and vivid and add great depth to the story.

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