Baby book review: I’m a Baked Potato! by Elise Primavera, illustrated by Juana Medina

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the fun picture book I’m a Baked Potato! by Elise Primavera, illustrated by Juana Medina.

Tilly reviews I’m a Baked Potato!

This is the BEST book because it has my favourite things: dogs and potatoes. I love potatoes. They’re one of the best foods in the whole world (the other best foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, cheese, carbohydrates in all forms, and depending on the week, either broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots). And the book is all about a woof! Woofs are great. The book gets a little scary though, because the woof (whose name is Baked Potato) loses his human, which I guess would be like if I lost Mummy. He has to find her and he meets all sorts of scary animals along the way. A bit like the mouse in The Gruffalo. He gets home eventually, which is good. It’s always nice to be at home with Mummy where you’re loved and warm and safe.

Jen reviews I’m a Baked Potato!

This is a charming book about identity, the importance of names, and finding your way home. Or if you take the book more literally, it’s about a lady who loves baked potatoes so much that she names her dog Baked Potato, which leads to the dog believing he is a baked potato and not a dog. Which would be fine until one day when he loses his human and has to figure out how to get home, facing all sorts of potential danger. The plot had me worried there for a moment — I did wonder if the dog was about to be eaten, before remembering that this is a children’s book and they usually have happy endings.

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