Baby Book Review: Little Robin’s Christmas by Jan Fearnley

Baby librarian Marian and her mama Margaret review the shareable holiday picture book Little Robin’s Christmas.

Cover of Little Robin's Christmas by Fearnley

Marian reviews Little Robin’s Christmas

marian reads little robins christmasThis is one of my favorite Christmas books this year! A little robin has seven vests of various colors. He gives each vest away to cold animals until he has no vests left and is very cold himself. But then Santa appears and takes him to his house, and Mrs. Santa sews him a new vest, but this one is even better because it’s magical. It makes everyone warm whether they’re wearing it or not, which means that Little Robin won’t have to give away his vests anymore. He can just hang out and play with cold animals to warm them up!

First off, if you know your colors than you’ll definitely enjoy this book. From the very beginning of this book, you can name all the colors of the vests! You can also count to seven! It’s fun. I also love meeting all the animals: frog, hedgehog, squirrel, mole, otter, mouse, rabbit. I like all these animals! Especially the baby otter that’s crying. I like to pretend to cry too and moan about how I’m cold. This book taught me to chatter my teeth when I’m cold. This is fun! You should try it.

I make Mama read this to me several times a day, and recommend you do the same.

Margaret reviews Little Robin’s Christmas

This is a sweet picture book that’s a good crossover book for toddlers. A lot of picture books are just not toddler-friendly, but with the vest colors, numbers, animals, and repetition, it’s a fun read for little ones. It also has a sweet message about how giving is more rewarding than receiving. I imagine we’ll be reading this for many more Christmases to come. You can tell from the cover how beautiful and adorable the art is as well. It’s interesting reading this to Marian and seeing her act out all the emotions of the animal characters. While I’m sure she doesn’t understand the broader message of giving quite yet, she is making an emotional connection to the animals and practicing some of the early stages of empathy by acting out and naming the animal emotions. That’s the best part of reading this book, though I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

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