Baby book review: Please Mr Panda by Steve Antony

Baby Librarian Tilly and her mummy Jen review the fun Please Mr Panda by Steve Antony.please mr panda book cover british

Baby librarian Tilly Reviews Please Mr Panda

This is a book we read a lot. It’s very fun! Both my mummy and daddy read it to me and they do cool voices. They make Mr Panda sound Russian. A grumpy old Russian man. The story is about Mr Panda, who has doughnuts that he offers to other animals but then he changes his mind about giving them doughnuts. Until the last animal, the lemur! The lemur has nice manners so he gets all the doughnuts. Then Mummy says he goes into a diabetic coma but I don’t know what that means. He looks happy. He just ate all the doughnuts!

Jen reviews Please Mr Panda

This is one of my favourites, and one that has not only been memorised but has also infiltrated our everyday conversations (‘Will you take the rubbish out? ‘No, you may not have a doughnut.’ ‘Please Mr Panda, will you take the rubbish out?’ ‘Oh, all right.’) Mr Panda is a doughnut-seller who goes around asking various animals if they would like his wares. Rude they all are, they simply demand which doughnut they want without even a please — so Mr Panda changes his mind and decide they cannot have his doughnuts. Then the polite lemur says please, so he gets them all. I suspect Mr Panda was just tired of carting around all his doughnuts at this point. I love the colours of this book. It’s primarily grey, the animals are black and white, and the box of doughnuts provide the sole pop of colour (the author/illustrator is red-green colour-blind which may have influenced the colours of the book). A very pretty book that’s quite enjoyable to read.

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