Baby book review: Rosa Loves Cars by Jessica Spanyol

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the board book Rosa Loves Cars by Jessica Spanyol.

Tilly reviews Rosa Loves Cars

I quite like this book. It’s one that I read a lot, both by myself and when I make Mummy read it. I have a car just like Rosa’s and I drive it a lot. I’m very good at driving. Mummy is the engine and she pushes me all over the living room and kitchen and when she gets to a straight bit she goes really fast and says we’re going on a freeway. So cars are pretty great. I also like this book because Mummy makes good car noises when she reads it. Vroom! Beep beep! I can make those noises too.

Jen reviews Rosa Loves Cars

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like this book very much. It is, quite frankly, a bit boring. The characters have no depth and there isn’t much of a plot. Rosa and a bunch of her token diverse friends play with cars but there is no cohesive storyline that ties everything together. If she has all these different friends playing with her in one play session, why do those friends never see each other? Why is this just ‘Rosa and one friend play with one kind of car’ on each page? But it is a quick read and Tilly does bring this one to me to read a lot, so there’s that. There’s just no accounting for taste.

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