Baby book review: Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

Baby Librarian Tilly and her mummy Jen review the yummy Soup Day by Melissa Iwai.

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Baby Librarian Tilly’s review of Soup Day

This book is great! It’s all about food and I love food. In this book, a little girl and her mum make soup because it’s soup day. You see them go to the shop to buy the ingredients and you see what they buy. Then they go home and wash the vegetables and chop them into bits and then they cook them and make soup. And then they play and read while the soup is cooking and then her daddy comes home and they get to eat soup! My mummy takes me grocery shopping with her and we pick out vegetables just like in the book. She doesn’t let me chop things even though I’m a VERY good kitchen helper. I can take everything out of the bottom drawers and throw them all over the kitchen! I’m also very good at eating. I bet I could eat all the soup from this book.

Mummy Jen reviews Soup Day

I love this book because it highlights the more quotidian aspects of life, and it seems to be my life in a nutshell. All I seem to do these days is plan food, shop for food, cook food, and clean up after food is done. And entertain and read to a baby. The only way this book could be more true to my life is if there was also laundry incorporated into the story. It has been said that it’s nice to see your own life and experiences reflected in the books you read, and this holds true for shitty housewives and picture books too. (I will say that the soup doesn’t seem like it would be that filling, though — there’s no protein in it!)

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