Baby book review: The Chilly Penguin by Contanze von Kitzing

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review The Chilly Penguin by Constanze von Kitzing.

The Chilly Penguin

Tilly reviews The Chilly Penguin

Tilly and The Chilly Penguin

It is very cold here now so this is a suitable book to read. Mummy says the temperature is practically Arctic and I believe her because it gets soooo cold. But Daddy says she’s bad at temperature and it’s hardly cold at all. Whatever, Daddy. In this book the penguin is cold and he tries all sorts of things to get warm like building a fire and wearing a scarf. But the only thing that gets him to be warm and cosy and comfortable is a cuddle! I completely understand this because when I wake up cold in the middle of the night the only thing that gets me warm and comfortable again is a cuddle. This book is practically my biography in the cold winter months.

Jen reviews The Chilly Penguin

I have a soft spot for penguins and this is an excellent addition to our collection of board books featuring animals. There are fun details and unspoken-plot in the pictures, like in the page about building a warm fire — all the text says in relation to whether that is effective or not is ‘still chilly’, but in the illustration you see the fire causing the ice to melt and the penguin falling through the ground. And who doesn’t like a good cuddle when it’s cold?

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