Baby book review: What Do You Wear? by Taro Gomi

Baby Librarian Tilly and her mummy Jen review the sheepish What Do You Wear? by Taro Gomi.what do you wear book cover

Baby Librarian Tilly reviews What Do You Wear?

Tilly and Daddy reading What Do You Wear
Tilly and Daddy reading What Do You Wear.

This is a fun book. I like it because it’s another question book which means it’s a mystery, and there are lots of animals in it. The animals in this book all wear different kinds of clothes — but not really. It’s really the animals with their fur or scales or feathers but they look like they’re wearing clothes. Like a duck looks like it’s wearing a fancy cardigan and a sheep looks like it’s wearing a fluffy coat. And then there’s a little boy at the end not wearing anything at all. Good on him, I say. He shouldn’t have to get dressed if he doesn’t want to. Overall a good book because I like the animals but the mystery isn’t much of a mystery so that is a little disappointing.

Mummy Jen reviews What Do You Wear?

Cute little book that I imagine will be helpful in convincing a toddler that they ought to get dressed. It’s a short and simple book with fun drawings, and I like this way of imagining animals in their clothes. It’s great as a board book for a baby because it’s just the right length for their attention spans (short), and animals are pretty much always a winner around here. My favourite animals are the sheep in its fluffy coat and the penguin in its classic suit.

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