Baby book review: Who Lives Where by Stephanie Babin, illustrated by Kiko

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the interactive board book Who Lives Where? by Stephanie Babin, illustrated by Kiko.

Tilly reviews Who Lives Where?

This is one of my current favourite books. There are lots of different animals on the pages and bits of the book to slide and very good colours. The book teaches you where different animals live and I know about some of them now because of the book! Like I know that the cat sleeps in the pet bed in the house and the dog sleeps in the doghouse in the garden. And I know that ants are bad so whenever we get to the page with the ants I point to them and say ‘no’. This is a very educational book.

Jen reviews Who Lives Where?

I’ll be honest: not one of my favourites for reading aloud. I prefer fictional board books with plots and characters (well, unless it’s about food), so this one isn’t as fun for me to read with Tilly. But this is a great one for learning and exploring, especially with the panels to slide to reveal where each animal lives. I do love the artwork in this and I think this will be great for Tilly as she gets older and understands even more.

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