Baby book (series) review: Pig the Pug, Pig the Winner, Pig the Stinker by Aaron Blabey

Baby librarian Tilly reviews the Pig the Pug series by Aaron Blabey.

Pig the PugTilly reviews Pig the Pug

This book has a woof! Well, it has two woofs really, but only one of them is the main character so I guess he’s the one we care about. His name is Pig which is a bit funny because pigs go oink, not woof. Pig isn’t a very nice woof. He has a lot of toys but he doesn’t share them with his friend Trevor, the other woof in the book. Sharing is good and kind but Pig doesn’t do that. But then something bad happens to him and he ends up sharing anyway. This is a good book to listen to because it has a good rhyme. I like the pictures of the woof.

Pig the WinnerTilly reviews Pig the Winner

Pig the woof is back and this time there’s a competition! Who can eat the fastest. Pig likes to win and he almost DIES in this one because he eats too fast but he doesn’t in the end. I like this book because my book came in a set that also had Pig and Trevor finger puppets. I like finger puppets. They are good to chomp on.

Pig the StinkerTilly reviews Pig the Stinker

Pig has to get a bath but he doesn’t want to! I don’t understand that. Baths are the best! Baths are so much fun. They’re good for splashing and playing and I have bath toys and special books just for the bath. So Pig is smelly and yucky and he needs a bath and he tries to get out of it. He is very naughty. He gets a bath in the end but he still stinks. I guess it wasn’t a very good bath. Or he was very, very, very stinky.

Jen reviews the Pig the Pug series

This is a great series we discovered when we went back to Australia a couple of months ago. Aaron Blabey is an Australian children’s author who has written a lot of great kids’ books, and the Pig the Pug series is a new favourite of mine. Each book follows the adventures of Pig the Pug, who is selfish and greedy in every way, and his long-suffering flatmate and friend, Trevor the sausage dog. Each book is written in rhyme that is fun and easy to read aloud (I have, in the past 15 months of reading aloud, discovered that just because a book rhymes, it doesn’t mean that it’s fun to read aloud. There has to be that extra special something). These books all pass the fun read-aloud test, and the illustrations are goofy and charming. The newest book in the series, Pig the Stinker, will be published in the US on 30 April 2019, and as Tilly already mentioned, covers the important matter of personal hygiene. This book is already out in Australia as Pig the Grub, though with a slightly different plot line.

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