Baby book club: Bigger Than You by Hyewon Kyung

Welcome to another baby book club! This month, Tilly and Marian chat about the fun picture book, Bigger Than You by Hyewon Kyung.

Tilly: Hi Marian! I liked this book! I liked how there were lots of animals with bums to point at. That’s my new favourite thing to do. Do you have a favourite body part?

Marian: Wow, you’re funny! I like my head. Sometimes I point out other people’s heads too. I LOVE this book! When I had croup, I made Mommy read it over and over again. It’s a library book, and she says we may need to buy it. I hope she does. It’s so much fun and it helped me to feel better.

Tilly: Mummy says the animals in the book are dinosaurs. They seem like they’re pretty cool. I have dinosaurs on some of my t-shirts and pyjamas. Do you like dinosaurs?

Marian: I like the dinosaurs in this book, so I guess I do! I especially like the T-Rex. He’s bright red! And he roars! I like to go “ROAR” when we get to the part where he roars. He’s funny. There are dinosaurs in some of my other books, but I don’t like them as much as in this book. I used to have a dinosaur t-shirt and a Jurassic Park vest (what even is that?), but I’ve outgrown them and don’t have anymore. I wouldn’t mind having the t-rex on a shirt, saying ROAR!

Tilly: I liked that the dinosaurs are on the see-saw. I like rocking on things. There’s a boat at Gymboree that I like to sit in and rock, and I can have three friends in it with me and we can all rock together. The see-saw in this book seems to be a bit like that except it’s a tree and not a boat and you can’t have as many friends on it. That’s a bit lame. Do you like rocking on things? Do you have a favourite piece of play equipment?

Marian: I like to get on the rocking chair at home and make it rock sometimes. My favorite play equipment is the swing. Sometimes, I start shouting “Swing!” so that Mommy and Daddy know it’s time to take me swinging, and I get really upset if they don’t immediately take me to a swingset, even though Mommy says we need to walk to the playground first and I have to put on my shoes and let her apply sunscreen before we can leave. When I want to swing, I want to swing NOW! There are no swings in the book though. Instead, I like the slide best. All the dinosaurs are happy sliding! And they say “Whee” when they go down the slide, and that’s another word I like to say. I’m not interested in going down slides myself. It’s much more fun to try and climb up them.

Tilly: My mum says this book is about manners and sharing. I sometimes have manners. I say please and sometimes I share even though Mummy says I won’t truly understand sharing until I’m older. I think she’s just underestimating how advanced and brilliant I am.

Marian: She clearly is. I think you’re very brilliant. You like bums! I say please and sometimes I even yell PLEASE. I find yelling to be more effective than anything. But Mommy does get really happy and praise me when I say please, so it’s definitely worth saying. I love to share food with everyone at storytime, even if they don’t want it. I even share my toys. It’s fun to share, and I don’t see what the big deal is.

Tilly: Overall I think this was a good book. Nice pictures, lots of bums, shows how great playing outside is, and how wonderful rocking is. What do you think?

Marian: It’s one of my favorite books from the library! I love how each dinosaur says the same thing, and then suddenly the bright red t-rex says something completely different. It’s a very fun book to read. Lots of suspense as I wait for the t-rex.

Tilly: Thanks for reading with me, Marian!

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