Book review: Hide-and-Sleep by Lizi Boyd

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the lift-the-flap board book Hide-and-Sleep by Lizi Boyd.

Tilly reviews Hide-and-Sleep

This is one of my favourite new books! There aren’t many words and they don’t rhyme so it’s not a very good listening book, but it’s a good pointing and page-turning book. That’s important. Some of the pages are broken in the middle so you turn just half the page at a time and you can see what animals are hiding. There are lots of animals to point at, too. Animals are my favourite so I really like this book. This book has my two best words in it: moon and owl. So I point at those and say them a lot. I’m getting so good at reading aloud.

Jen reviews Hide-and-Sleep

I have a confession: whenever I read a new board book, my first assessment is whether or not it is a good read-aloud a book. How is it for rhythm and rhyme, and how does it compare to my favourites, Mem Fox and Julia Donaldson? Initially, I didn’t love this book because it doesn’t rhyme or have a good rhythm to it. But upon further reading, I’ve come to adore this book. The flaps are fun, the colours and illustrations are bright and whimsical, and I love spotting each animal on all the pages. This book takes you from day to night in the forest, and you see the different animals playing and hiding during the day, and then going to sleep at night. The sky turns pink and sunset and gets darker as night descends. This is also a great book for discussion and for Tilly to practise her words. I’m learning that there are other ways to have fun with board books besides being good read-aloud stories, and this book provides a different kind of reading experience that is also something to enjoy.

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