Check Out This Kickstarter For A Fantastic LGBTQ Children’s Book

I’m going to admit, usually, I don’t enjoy self-published books, but there are always exceptions, and Mighty May Won’t Cry Today is one of them. In rhyming text, it tells of a little girl’s first day of school. She’s nervous but brave and makes it almost the entire day without crying for her two moms. But at the very end of her day, she misses her bus stop for home and bursts into tears. When the bus driver returns her home, she tells her moms all about crying, and they reassure her by telling her all about the times they’ve cried in their lives.

This is a really sweet book and a great read-aloud. The illustrations by Erica De Chavez are vivid and fun. Currently, the authors Kendra & Claire-Voe Ocampo are running a kickstart to fund the book, and it’s almost funded! They’re two mommies themselves, and their goal for the book was to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ families in children’s literature. While there is a slow improvement in the number of LGBTQ+ picture books being published, it’s slow going, and still not representative of reality. LGBTQ+ content is still one of the most common reasons books are banned, though thankfully some school boards are beginning to push back against that.

On their Kickstarter page, they explain:

  • If your child has two mommies, then this is a beautiful story reflecting your family.
  • If your child has two daddies, then this is a beautiful story of two same gender parents.
  • If your child has one mommy, one daddy, or any other kind of family structure, this offers a unique opportunity for you to discuss other types of families with them.
  • This story shares an important message for kids and adults of all ages—learning that it’s beneficial to cry when dealing with emotions like sadness, fear, embarrassment and frustration.

I can’t wait to read the printed book to Marian! If you’re interested in contributing to Mighty May Won’t Cry Today, you can do so here. I have no personal affiliation with the book or creators; I just thought it looked adorable! If you’re looking for more LGBTQ+ children’s books, we’ve got more recommendations!

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