Baby book club: Home is a Window by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard and Chris Sasaki

Welcome to another baby book club! Today, Baby Librarians Marian and Tilly discuss the picture book Home Is a Window by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard, illustrated by Chris Sasaki.

Cover of Home is a Window by Ledyard

Marian: Hi Tilly! Mommy and I read Home is a Window this morning, before I even ate breakfast. We read it a few times after breakfast too. Mommy wanted to open the curtains and take pictures of me while I read it, but I wanted her to read it to me so I made her stop. Do you like to read in the mornings? Does your mummy sometimes take pictures of you while you’re reading?

Tilly: I read all the time! We have been doing some morning reading lately but mostly we read at all times throughout the day. Mummy takes pictures of me reading, or just me with books, and sometimes she asks Daddy to take pictures of us reading.

Marian reads Home is a WindowMarian: I have two favorite parts of this book. 1. The cover under the dust jacket. Mommy says it looks like a quilt, because quilts are homey, but I like it because it’s a bunch of squares.  And 2. The front and end inside pages. The front inside page shows the city the little girl lives in. There are several black cats and birds and even a dog! I like animals a lot. I like the windows too. It reminds me of Sesame Street. On the end inside page, it’s the little girl’s new home. It’s less interesting than her city home, but she seems to like it, so that’s good. I wish the moon were a brighter color. What were your favorite parts of the book?

Tilly: I like the inside front page too! Animals are my favourite and there are lots of animals there. Well, mostly birds. I like the pages in the book too where you can see the dog. The dog is my favourite. Oh I like the bath page too. There’s a duck there! I think ducks are my new favourite animal.

Marian: In the book, the little girl lists everything that makes a home a home. Do you want to do the same thing? Here’s my list:

Home is reading books, watching Phantom of the Opera, and bossing Mommy and Daddy around. Home is saying no to baths, putting leaves in pots outside, and throwing my food on the floor. Home is snuggling Fawn, eating cheese and turkey, and playing drums on the washing machine.

What’s your list?

Tilly: Home is Cuddle Bear and all of my books. Home is our street and our neighbours’ front yards. There is one with red mulch, another with a sandy desert, one with lots and lots of rock, and one with a pretend creek made of little blue rocks. Home is playing outside and reading inside and eating in my eating chair and the bear I sleep with at night. Home is cuddles with Mummy and Daddy.

Marian: That’s a cool list, Tilly! What do you think about moving? It doesn’t seem so bad, but I like that we can walk to the library. I wonder if we could move into the library and live there instead?

Tilly: I’d do it! I like the library. When we go there now we often go to the pond and see the ducks and I like that and never want to leave. I’ve moved once, ages ago when I was still a baby. I like our house now more than the old house because it’s better for playing outside. Sometimes moving is good.

Marian: Thanks for reading with me, Tilly!

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