Library Haul Flash Reviews #1

We are trying something new here at Baby Librarians: flash reviews of our library board books. These are super short reviews of the books we borrow from the library — when I’m at the library, I often spot one or two or fifteen books that I want to borrow, so I shove the stroller full of books (and the baby) and head home with my bounty. And then I get home, read them, and text Margaret about my haul and tell her about the books. These reviews are basically our texts to each other about the books we find and borrow. So without further ado, I present the first Library Haul Flash Reviews.

Library book reviews: Library Book haul

The Nosyhood by Tim Lahan: I borrowed this because it was an unusual size for a board book (it’s quite long). A fun little book, and the story is mainly in the pictures. Not a great one for reading aloud because there aren’t many words. A story that parents are more likely to appreciate though Tilly did seem to like turning the pages. Didn’t love this one.

Little Boat by Taro Gomi: Cute and simple, with bright colours and bold illustrations typical of Gomi’s other books. Quite a short one so good if your attention span is short, but there isn’t much of a story there.

This Is Not A Book by Jean Jullien: I love this one! There are no words, and just a series of pictures of things that aren’t books (I’m describing this very badly). Delightful artwork. Not a book for reading aloud (there are no words to read) but one that’s fun to discuss and point at. This is a book I plan on buying.

Rhyme Flies by Antonia Pesenti: Another one that’s really more for the parent than a one-year-old, but cute! Quirky and whimsical with rhymes that don’t make sense, like alarm croc rhyming with alarm clock. I’ve bought this one for our own collection.

Go Baby! Go Dog! by Anne Vittur Kennedy: The story is mostly in the pictures, so a good one for reading and pointing. A poor dog chased by a baby; something I think many dogs surrounded by babies can relate to. I liked this one. Cute and fun and I like how tension builds.

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