Baby book review: The Human Body (PlayTabs) by Stephanie Babin, illustrated by Ilaria Falorsi

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review the interactive board book The Human Body (PlayTabs) by Stephanie Babin, illustrated by Ilaria Falorsi.

The Human Body Playtabs

Tilly reviews The Human Body

This is a fun book! I really like this one! There are bits to pull and push and it makes the pictures change and things on the page move. It’s also a nice big book, bigger than a lot of my other books, so that’s good too. It’s all about being healthy and I do all the things the book says I should do, like eat food and go to the potty and go to the doctor. Doesn’t say much about the different parts of the body but maybe that’s not important and I don’t need to know it. I know ‘tummy’ and that’s really all that matters.

Tilly and the Human Body

Jen reviews The Human Body

This is a great interactive board book. Twirl, the publisher, has a lot of interactive board books that are coming out or have been recently released, and this one is my favourite of all the ones we’ve read. The book explains various concepts related to healthy living, such as eating a wide variety of foods, bathroom hygiene, the importance of sleep and rest (Hear that, Tilly? Your naps should be longer than HALF AN HOUR, dangnammit), and it even talks about different emotions and how it’s a good thing to express those feelings. When I first saw this book I thought it was going to be a book about body parts, but it’s a much broader book than that. The tabs are a lot of fun, and the book is sturdy enough for little hands. Definitely a book I’m happy to have in our collection.

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