Baby book review: There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart

Baby Librarian Marian and her mommy Margaret review the definitely not boring picture book There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart.

Cover of There's a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart

Marian reviews There’s a Tiger in the Garden

Tigers are cats! Cat cat cat. I like the word cat and I like cats. And I like this book. The tiger is so big and orange and I wish I could ride it, me and Fawn. I don’t have Jeff the giraffe like the little girl, but I carry Fawn wherever I go and she can ride on the tiger with me. It will be so much fun. I wonder if we can find a tiger in Gramma’s garden, like Nora found hers in her Nana’s garden? I sure hope so.

I guess I should tell you about the beginning before I tell you about the end. Nora is bored. She doesn’t want to color with Nana. So Nana takes her outside to play in her garden instead, and tells her about all the wonderful creatures she might find, like dragonflies the size of birds. I have a lot of thoughts here. First, I don’t get being bored. Isn’t there always stuff to do? Though playing outside is almost always preferable to playing inside. Maybe Nora was pretending to be bored so she could play outside. I should try that. Usually, I go to the door and try to open it, and then yell at Mommy when it doesn’t open. Second, what’s a dragonfly? Are they like the dragon puppet I have? I sure hope so. The dragon puppet is really funny. There are pictures of dragonflies in the book, but they don’t look anything like my dragon puppet.

I like to look at this book a lot. The pictures are really pretty, and I want to play with Nora, Jeff, and the tiger.

Marian reading There's a Tiger in the Garden
Tiger Tiger burning bright

Margaret reviews There’s a Tiger in the Garden

We checked this out of the library along with a few other books, but Marian hasn’t looked at any of the other ones. She just wants to read There’s a Tiger in the Garden. Sometimes, the illustrations in a book really capture her imagination, and that’s the case with this picture book. The illustrations are bold and vibrantly colored, bringing the garden to life. This is Lizzy Stewart’s first picture book, and I hope she writes and illustrates more.

Marian can’t pick up on some of the story yet, but I love stories about a child’s imagination. I can’t wait for Marian to be able to speak and tell me about her pretend play.

Another reason I think she likes this book so much is the thickness of the pages. It’s a paper book and not a board book, but the pages are slightly thicker and grainier than a lot of picture books, and that makes it’s so much easier for Marian to turn the page. She’s going through a phase where she wants to make sure she turns every page and doesn’t miss a single one. With this book, with a little trial and error, she can turn every page (without ripping the pages, thank goodness).

We highly recommend There’s a Tiger in the Garden for early elementary school children.

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