This book is my favourite read of 2020 so far: ALL OF THE FACTORS OF WHY I LOVE TRACTORS

All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors is the latest book from Australian writer Davina Bell and it is so, so, SO delightful and lovely and wonderful. I adore it to bits. It’s about a little boy, Frankie McGee, who goes to the library with his mum. His current obsession is tractors and his mum is dismayed when the book he wants to borrow is yet another one about tractors. She tries to suggest other books but Frankie dismisses them all, going on to list all of the factors of why he loves tractors.

The book is a celebration of reading and learning (as they check out their books, Frankie tells his mum, ‘See Mama? I like books — that’s what matters. Not what they’re about.’), of the wonders of the library, and of childhood obsessions. The rhyming text makes it fun to read aloud — we ended up doing an impromptu family storytime at lunch last week when we cracked the book open at the dining table, and all three of us enjoyed the book immensely.

I also love the illustrations in the book. They’re bright and whimsical and full of life, and a perfect accompaniment to the text. It’s the kind of art that I wouldn’t mind hanging up in my house somewhere. (Below is an image of one of the spreads from the book and yes, I am perfectly aware that I cannot take a straight photo to save my life).

I think mostly what I love about this book, and why it is my favourite read of 2020 so far, is that it is such a wonderful combination of charming characters, great art, good rhyming text, and is a book that is fun AND funny (I especially love the last line in this). Plus how can you not love a book that rhymes ‘factors’ with ‘tractors’?

[Note: This book was released in Australia in 2019, and I’m not sure if it’s out and readily available in the US yet. I bought my copy from Book Depository, and it was shipped from Australia.]

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