Baby book review: Will Sheep Sleep? by Hilary Leung

Baby librarian Tilly and her mum Jen review Will Sheep Sleep? by Hilary Leung.

Will Sheep Sleep

Tilly reviews Will Sheep Sleep?

Another sheep book! That is so great. I love sheep books; they’re the best. The sheep in this book is basically me. Sheep and his friends go through the routine of bedtime, like brushing teeth and getting a night light and drinking some water and reading a story. But none of these things help sheep sleep. And do you know why? It is because sleep is for the weak. Sheep and I are far too busy to sleep. There are cars to be driven, monsters to be fought, food to be eaten, adventures to be had. We don’t haveĀ time for sleep. Gosh. So of course Sheep won’t sleep! I fully support his desire to not sleep but alas, he succumbs in the end.

Tilly and Will Sheep SleepJen reviews Will Sheep Sleep?

Great book with cool illustrations that remind me of painted wood (if I had any knowledge whatsoever about art I could probably describe this better). Like many of my favourite board books, the detail and the story lie in the pictures. Brushing his teeth won’t help Sheep sleep, but why not? Because he’s using his toothbrush to have sword fights. Why won’t a night light help Sheep sleep? He’s using the light to create shadow puppets. This is one of my favourite bedtime routine books.

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