7 Waterproof Bath And Beach Books For Babies And Toddlers

My daughter hates baths, and one way I try to make it fun for her is with bath books for babies and toddlers. This has worked…a little bit. She still hates baths but will stay calm through about 2 rotations of a book. And then hysteria. Sigh. Strangely enough, she loves being in a swimming pool, and if we had one, that’s how she would be getting her baths!

Whether your little one hates water or loves it, books can make the experience better. Because don’t they make every experience better? These 7 waterproof bath books aren’t just good for baths, but they’re also perfect for pools, the beach, and beyond.

Cover of Bath Time with AquamanBath Time with Aquaman (DC Super Heroes) by Sarah Parvis

Aquaman splashes, kicks the water, and breathes underwater. This is a super short but fun introduction to comics, and even my little one who hates baths will kick the water when Aquaman does.

Covers of three Sesame Street Bath Time Bubble BooksSesame Street Bath Time Bubble Book-Elmo at the Beach

These are my daughter’s favorites because she loves the Sesame Street characters. There are several options, just make sure to get ones with your child’s favorite characters!

Cover of Color Me: Who's in the WaterColor Me: Who’s in the Water? (Wee Gallery Bath Books) by Surya Sajnani

This series is my personal favorite–the illustrations change color when they get wet! You can choose between four options:

Cover of Scuba SeanMunchkin Soapy Stories Finger Puppet Bath Book, Ocean

Finger puppet fun! This series also has four options: Ocean, Farm, Orca, and Space. Each has a little finger puppet to go with it. Why the covers have different titles than their listings I couldn’t say.

Cover of Brown Bear Loves ColorsWorld of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bath Set – Brown Bear Book & Squirty

I can’t be the only one who has a little one that can’t get enough of the brown bear chant? Well, now you can take that to the bath or beach. And this version comes with a little brown bear water toy! Be warned: this is an abridged version, so expect your little one to ask you for more of the chant.

Cover of Indestructibles: Beach BabyIndestructibles: Beach Baby by Amy Pixton, illustrated by Kate Merritt

Please, tell me you already know about the Indestructibles series. This series is chew-proof, rip-proof, and water-proof. You can even throw them in the dishwasher. They’re vital for especially destructive little ones. Beach Baby labels all the essentials a little one will need at the beach.

Cover of The Pigeon Needs a BathThe Pigeon Needs a Bath Book! by Mo Willems

You probably don’t need an introduction to Mo Willems’ famous pigeon. In this funny little waterproof book, it’s time to take a bath.


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