Baby book review: Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao by Kat Zhang & Charlene Chua

Baby librarian Marian and her mommy Margaret review the yummy and adorable picture book Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao.

cover of amy wu and the perfect bao

Marian reviews Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

Marian reads Amy Wu and the Perfect BaoThis is one of my favorite books ever! Amy Wu is definitely a friend, and she has an adorable white kitty cat that I want to pet, and sometimes, as I read, I pet her. But I’d like to pet the real kitty cat and not just her illustration.

Amy and I have many things in common. Not only do we both like cats, but we’re both excellent at brushing our teeth and at cooking. I help Mommy cook every single day. I’ve never made bao before, but I understand Amy’s frustration when things just don’t turn out right! I mainly get frustrated when Mommy refuses to let me help with everything. Why can’t I open the oven and take food out? It’s no fair. Amy has trouble making the perfect bao. Sometimes the filling spills and I always say “Uh oh!” at that part. And sometimes her bao are giant and sometimes way too small. She has her daddy, mommy, and grandma to help, but they make things worse because they always know how to make bao perfectly. Amy’s bao wouldn’t be so bad if everyone else was messier!

Anyway, this book has so much fun stuff–cooking, cats, family, yum yums. Mommy ordered some bao when I asked her to read this book over and over for a month, and I was surprised to find I didn’t much like it. I let my tongue touch one part and then said “No!” and I refused to eat it. This may make you think I wouldn’t want to read the book anymore, but on the contrary, I still love it! Amy and I just have different taste buds. Mommy said I may have liked it if I’d actually put a bit in my mouth but I know me best.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes super fun books about cooking!

Margaret reviews Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

This book is so adorable and Marian is so adorable when we read it. She gets such a big smile whenever we pull the book out. She had no context for bao prior to reading, but that in no way affected her pleasure. Yum yums are yum yums, even if she’s never had them before.

I think her pleasure stems from two things: her love of cooking and the charming illustrations. Amy is so expressive and friendly and fun, as is her family. I enjoy reading it aloud because of all the mini dramatic moments as Amy gets frustrated with making the perfect bao (I always say “the perfect bao” like a movie trailer voiceover).

There’s a recipe in the back, though I haven’t tried it. Someone please do and let me know how it is! I did order bao at a local Chinese restaurant but Marian wouldn’t eat it, even though she was SOOO excited when I told her what we were getting! Toddlers are stubborn when it comes to eating.

If you’re looking for a super fun picture book about cooking and family, we highly recommend this one.

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What are your favorite children’s books about cooking?

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