Baby book review: Baby Beluga by Raffi

Baby Beluga book coverTilly’s review

Tilly at baby story time
Tilly at baby story time.

I love this book! Mostly because it’s not really a book because it is a song and I love the song. Baby Beluga is a song we sing at baby story time at the library. Mummy also sings it when she changes my nappy because otherwise I fight her. The book is just the words of the songs with pictures. There are pictures of the baby beluga (which is a kind of whale) and his friends, like the dolphins and walrus and puffin. He splashes and dives and swims in the deep blue sea. Mummy doesn’t read this book out loud, she sings it. It’s good when we have the book because otherwise she doesn’t know the words. She doesn’t sing as nicely as Raffi or even as Miss Kim at the library, but oh well. We can’t have everything.

Jen’s review

I was a bit unsure of this book at first. When we first heard the song and saw the book at story time, I felt like it was cheating — it doesn’t count as reading a book at story time if all you’re doing is singing a song and holding up a book that has the words printed in it! That’s basically karaoke with a board book! But I have since changed my mind. The more we go to story time and hear the song, the more it gets stuck in my head and the more I end up liking it. And because I’ve grown to quite like the song, I appreciate having the lyrics in board book form. Makes it easier to sing, and the illustrations are pretty cute, too.

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