Baby book review: Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox

Ten little fingers and ten little toes book coverTilly’s review

This book is a very nice poem. There are all sorts of babies in it, born all over. Some have red hair. Some have black hair, like me. Some have brown skin. And the book says they were born in all different places, like in tents or on ice. I like seeing all these babies because it’s like having lots of baby friends on the pages. I’m the best baby, though. Truly divine, like the book says. I like when Mummy gets to the end and gives me a cuddle even though she hardly ever gives me the three little kisses on the tip of my nose like the book tells her to. This might have something to do with the fact ┬áthat I have usually squirmed away by that stage. I think Mummy just needs to try harder.

Jen’s review

Another beloved classic. It was one of the first ones we tried reading to Tilly as a bedtime story. It’s the kind of book where the words roll off the tongue and leave you feeling warm and happy inside. How can it not, when it’s about the adorableness of babies and their tiny baby fingers and tiny toes? This book feels like a baby cuddle in a book.

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