Baby book review: Hello world! Solar system by Jill McDonald

Hello World Solar System by Jill McDonald book coverTilly’s review

Tilly reading the Solar System book
Tilly wearing her solar system shirt while reading her solar system book.

This is a nice book, I guess. It’s not a very good read-aloud book because it doesn’t rhyme and there are no animals or mysteries. But it’s a good learning book. It’s all about the night sky and I don’t get to see the night sky very much so it’s nice to imagine. I’ve seen the moon a couple of times, but I see it a lot more regularly in my book. It’s clearer in the book too. In this book, you learn all about the planets and there are pretty pictures of them. The pictures are bright and crayon-y. When we get to Pluto, Mummy always says that when she was my age, Pluto was a planet. I think my mummy is very old. I have a t-shirt that matches this book!

Jen’s review

I quite like this book! Unlike the other books we’ve reviewed for this site so far, this one doesn’t have much of a story and is instead a fun informational book. The pictures are bright and pretty simplistic but they manage to capture the major details of the planets — at least, the details I remember of each planet, like the red spot on Jupiter. It’s also fun to learn about the solar system again. I think I was about nine years old when I studied the solar system in primary school, so reading this book was a bit of a refresher. I learnt (or relearnt, as it may be) some fun facts, like Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and that asteroids and comets often hit Mercury.

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