Baby book review: Sheep Out to Eat by Nancy Shaw

Sheep Out to Eat book coverTilly’s review

I love the sheep books! They’re fun. They rhyme and are fun to listen to but they rhyme differently to some of my other books. The sheep are so silly. They’re always getting into trouble. In this book they go to a tea shop and eat lunch which sounds good because I like food. But they order yucky food and knock things over and food goes everywhere. Which doesn’t sound that bad, to be honest. Sounds a bit like my meal times, the whole knocking things over and food everywhere bit. I do it on purpose, though, and I don’t think the sheep did. I wish I could have tea and cake but Mummy says it’s not for babies. Mummy never lets me have what I want.

Tilly and Sheep out to EatJen’s review

Another great book in the Sheep series by Nancy Shaw. Tilly is right in that they rhyme differently to her other books — the cadence of the Sheep books is different to the books by Julia Donaldson and Mem Fox. These ones are less rhythmic and flow-y, and a bit more short and sharp. They’re still great fun to read aloud, though. Sheep Out to Eat is one of my favourite Sheep books simply because I like tea and cake, and what could be better than my five favourite sheep having lunch in a quaint village tea shop?

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