Baby book review: Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Room on the Broom book coverTilly’s review

This is a great book with animals AND magic AND danger! How great is that! It rhymes too. There’s a witch on a broomstick and she keeps dropping things but they’re found by a bunch of animals like a dog and a bird and a frog. And then the broom breaks and she’s almost eaten by a ferocious fire-breathing DRAGON! It’s so exciting. She doesn’t get eaten, luckily. How she is saved is the mystery of this book so I won’t tell you the ending in case you don’t like spoilers. Just know that this is a great book with good pictures, good rhymes, and good adventures.

Jen’s review

Tilly and Room on the Broom
Mummy tried to take a photo of me reading Room on the Broom but ha! As if I’d be interested in a book when I can see her phone.

From the creators of The Gruffalo, this is another delightful story that has great illustrations that are charming in their details and wonderful rhyme and rhythm that makes it great for reading aloud. Except for my one gripe: American publishers have translated this book for an American audience, so ‘plait’ has been replaced with ‘braid’. Which ruins the rhyming! You know what rhymes with ‘cat’ and ‘hat’? Yes, you guessed it — ‘plait’. And you know what doesn’t rhyme? ‘Braid’. I change the word when I’m reading it aloud and when Tilly is old enough, she will understand my ranting about American publishers underestimating the intelligence of American readers and translating everything from British or Australian English into American English. I mean, honestly. It’s not like Americans can’t work out what a plait is. There are pictures, for crying out loud!

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