Baby book review of Good Morning World by Paul Windsor

Baby Librarian Marian and her mommy Margaret review the gorgeous board book Good Morning World by Paul Windsor.

Cover of Good Morning World by Paul Windsor

Marian reviews Good Morning World

Marian with Good Morning World by Paul Windsor

I really get this book. I’m always in a good mood in the morning, and I like going around and saying “good morning!” to everything, in my own baby language. Mommy helps me do this by taking me around the house and saying “Good morning!” to everything I point at. She also opens the blinds and curtains and says “Good morning!” to everything outside, and tells me what everything is. This is very helpful for my vocabulary.

Similarly, on each page of this board book, it says “Good morning” to different animals and outdoorsy things. I like how friendly the book is! Paul Windsor must be a morning person like me and unlike Mommy, who says she pretends to be a morning person for my sake. I’ve seen some of the animals in this book at the zoo, and I will make sure to say good morning to them the next time I go. I like how bright the animals are in the pictures. I’ve never seen animals illustrated like this before.

Margaret reviews Good Morning World

This is one of the more beautiful board books I’ve seen. The Indigenous American author and illustrator — Paul Windsor — uses a distinctive and bold style of art. The images are like woodcuts, but filled with bright colors. Windsor is a member of the Haisla and Heiltsuk nations, and when I looked up the Haisla Nation’s website, I found that their emblem and some of the art featured on their site is very similar to the art in this book. It’s lovely.

As Marian mentions, since reading this book, I’ve started a ritual in the mornings where we say good morning to everything we see. Well, I say good morning, she points and waves and babbles. I’m considering stepping out on the patio to say good morning to nature before we get ready, but it’s cold, and I don’t like being cold. But I really should! Instead, I’ve been opening all the blinds and saying good morning to everything I see outside. Windsor discusses on the back of the book similar experiences growing up, and how that inspired the book.

This is a must for a board book collection. I’m definitely checking out more children’s books published by Paul Windsor and published by Native Explore. I see there’s also Good Night World, which I must have!

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