Baby book review: Rain! by Linda Ashman and Christian Robinson

Baby Librarian Tilly and her mummy Jen review the board book Rain! by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christian Robinson.


Tilly reviews Rain!

Mummy read this book to me just in time! There was rain the other night! Proper rain where you could see rain drops bounce off the road. It was the first time in my entire life that I had seen rain like that (it doesn’t rain very much where I live). This book doesn’t have many words and the story is mostly in the pictures. That’s kind of cool. There is a grumpy old man who I don’t think likes the rain (or anything at all, really). And there is a little boy who loves the rain! He has a frog hat. That is probably why he likes the rain. He’s a frog! And then the grumpy old man and the little frog boy meet and he turns into a frog too. I wish it rained more. I liked the rain.

Jen reviews Rain!

Tilly isn’t quite accurate when she says the grumpy old man turns into a frog too. I mean, he kind of does. But the book is really more about perspective and kindness. The book isn’t great for reading aloud, because the words are sparing and the story is really in the illustrations. This would be a great book for discussing with Tilly when she’s a bit older. I love the details in the pictures, especially the scenes in the cafe. This book makes me wish I could curl up inside on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate.

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